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The Houssian Foundation leverages philanthropic giving, impact investing, and partnerships in response to climate change and environmental protection, and human rights and gender equality.


Created by the Houssian family in 2005, the Foundation has supported institutions and projects both in Canada and worldwide, including hospitals, schools, refugee resettlement, and local organizations in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside. In our first 15 years, our giving has included capital campaigns, infrastructure projects, and dedicated support to local organizations. We continue to support many of our first grantees and to invest in local community-based organizations.

In 2019, The Houssian Foundation evolved from a family-run foundation to a professionally managed organization and hired our first executive director to lead overall strategy and day-to-day operations. At the same time, our board set a goal of significantly growing the Foundation’s investment portfolio through a mission-aligned investment strategy deeply rooted in the Foundation’s key values.

The Houssian Foundation seeks to be both entrepreneurial in spirit and in practice, and to approach our work with a commitment to ongoing learning.

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For granting or investment partnerships, please email us to start the conversation: info@houssianfoundation.org

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